Apps, Tech, and Music

There's no doubt there's been so much change in the music industry over the last few decades. The war waged with copy right and internet monitoring and licensing has been intense from the music and film industry over the last 15 years. However, it seems the worst doom and gloom for the labels and the music industry might be close to a turning point as in 2016 labels saw a revenue growth of 8.1%. This increase and growth can be traced predominantly from the subscribers to streaming services.

The role streaming services are having on popular culture can't be underestimated in any way. For example, in March Ed Sheeran had a magical month in the UK, occupying all top 16 spots on the top 50 for the UK and Ireland. It was at the same time as he broke the record of most streams in a day, with 68 millions streams! AppAnnie also shows that in the world of apps, music apps are amongst the most popular. Unsurprisingly, Spotify is in the top 15 downloads and is the strongest representative of the music industry. However, in the grand scheme of things, music has less than 2.55% or the market share for apps according to the recent categories in Apple App Store in March.

What is more surprising is that in the top 20, there is actually three mobile casino apps, and only one representing the music industry. It follows, then, that providers are ensuring that their blackjack games are optimising for mobile availability.

A really interesting development we can see in the app side of the music industry is that suddenly we have a new contender to the throne. An emergence of Pandora over Spotify in America in March is definitely something of note! Seemingly having come from no-where it is thriving in the very much fluid app market. With similar rises hard to imagine in the old-school physical music industry. The same fluidity that many indie artists are enjoying, seems to also apply to the service providers as well as the artists. And it is this fluidity and community built aspects of the streaming services and app market that is so engaging for the modern music consumer and creator!

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