Glee Has the Power of Madonna

I have been a huge Madonna fan ever since she started releasing music in the 80s. I haven't loved all of her albums (ok, I DESPISED American Life) but she's definitely been a musical force and fascinating to watch. I'm also a fan of Glee, the new FOX show about a high school glee club. So I was pretty thrilled when I heard that Glee was going to do a whole episode of Madonna music. Turns out Madge is also a fan and gave them permission to go crazy with her catalogue.

But more exciting? To drum up interest for the episode, Jane Lynch, who I ADORE and is truly outstanding on Glee, is featured in a nearly shot by shot recreation of the "Vogue" video.

The episode airs tonight if you want to catch it. I've embedded the video below - I've watched it at least four times already.

Come on, vogue!

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