It's Mario Time!

As a child of the '80s, I grew up on slouch socks and banana clips, after-school specials, Tab and (of course) Nintendo.

I didn't have my own system, but every Friday night my mother would drive me to the video store so I could rent one for the weekend. I'd set it all up, plug in the gun and shoot some ducks for a while before getting down to business, Super Mario style.

I ate, breathed and slept Super Mario Bros. When I wasn't playing in real life, I was jumping on Goomba's and fighting Bowser to rescue the princess in my mind. It's an obsession a love that I've passed that on to my kids – they love the new version, almost as much as my husband and I do.

So now that I've outed myself as completely Mario-obsessed, it should come as no surprise that I really want to cover my bedroom walls with these sweet decals based on the original Super Mario Bros. game.

I'm sure my kids would love it if I decorated THEIR rooms with them, too, but sorry, kids. Mommy wants these all to herself.

These decals are totally cool – you can move 'em and stick 'em wherever you want, and there are a couple of different video game designs available, including images from the new Super Mario Bros., Invader and Donkey Kong.

Y'all know what time it is, right?

[source] [photo1/photo2]

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