Making a Comeback: Popped Polo Collars

Like Weirdgirl, I've noticed a trend in fashion - the return of the '80s. Now I (obviously) love the '80s but I honestly think that the fashion of that decade needs to remain good and dead. There were very few good things about it. Really.

While on vacation last week it looked like my luggage might be lost so I hit the nearest Old Navy for a few cheap emergency replacements. And while I was browsing the clearance section I noticed something kind of scary - a polo shirt with built in double collars to give you that '80s look of wearing layered polos without adding a whole extra layer of shirts. Remember that? I tried it once or twice back in the day and nearly melted in the mid-west heat, and felt like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to boot. Puffy and sweaty is not sexy.

Then this weekend, at a ballgame, I was in line behind a guy in a polo shirt. And he had his polo collar all flipped up in totally rad Miami Vice style, with his hipster skinny jeans and artfully tousled gelled hair. With iPhone and smokes in hand, he was the Sonny Crockett of 2010.

While the popped collar isn't as frightening to me as the return of Hammer Pants, I still don't like it. And it turns out I'm not alone. I found a website dedicated to this alarming trend: Put Your Damn Collar Down.

So fellas, in case you're wondering if you should bring this back, I'm saying NO.


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