We're Going Down Tubes (There's a Pirate Ship)

I had a really lazy weekend and spent some time reading the internet. Nerdist had a link to a video that he called Goonies: The Musical which I found intriguing. His post had a video called "Tubes" in it, which I found both lodged in my brain and fascinating. I had to know more about this project so here's what I learned.

Two guys, Rob Dean and Keith Doughty, have been writing songs for a Goonies musical and have been cutting videos from the film to support the songs. /Film has embedded all the videos in their article about the endeavor so you can head over there to view them all. The one I've chosen to post is called "Sloth's Song" and I chose it because I really enjoy the '80s hair metal ballad feeling of the song.

There have been rumors of a Goonies sequel for years and years. Goonies fans - if you had to choose: a sequel or a musical?

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