The Bachelor: The Videogame: The Hell?

Not content with keeping The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on an endless loop throughout the year (which can be quite a problem in the fall as my wife and I play DVR Odd Man Out over The Big Bang Theory, Monday Night Football, and whatever poor man or woman has decided to find the perfect match on national TV), ABC has decided to expand its Bachelor universe. You'll soon be able to purchase The Bachelor: The Videogame (clever title, huh?) for Wii and DS.

I don't really know who would want this game. If you're married, why would you want to go through the awkwardness of the dating scene again? And if you're single, I'd doubt you acquire any useful knowledge from the game.

But hey! Don't let me persuade you in any way. Let the game's official trailer be your guide:

Seeing this makes me long for the simple days of Atari 2600 porn. Who's with me?

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