Good Morning To You, Too

Just released last month, Good Morning, Magpie is the fifth album of Murder By Death. I wish I discovered them four albums ago, because even though I've come late I'm really digging these guys.

I've heard them described as a blend of country, rockabilly, punk, acoustic and Irish, to name just a few, but "blend" is definitely the operative word. However, there's a freshness to their Americana indie-folk that seems very 21st century. (Which is rather welcome, don't you think? Does this decade have a sound yet?)

Adam Turla's lead vocals have a timbre that resonates Johnny Cash and a very smooth whiskey, and the melodies range from haunting to upbeat, and sometimes a little of both. It's subversive and sophisticated folk music, and that adds up to very sexy. If I were part of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde (but, you know, with a dose of Robin Hood thrown in because, seriously?, the killing?) Murder By Death would be my soundtrack as I sped down the road in a Dodge Charger.


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