Have T-shirt, Will Travel

In American culture there is no better way to celebrate the things we love than with a t-shirt. In fact, I think it's almost an unwritten code. I don't force my son to wear tees emblazoned with '80s video game characters in a vague attempt to relive my youth - he just wants to! It was while searching for yet another Mario Bros shirt for him to brag about that I stumbled across the site 80s tees. The array of '80s-themed t-shirts, accessories, and other items is staggering.

But the impressive thing was how slyly clever some of them were. What can I say? I like a little silly in my '80s.

Ice ice, baby?

Yeah, yeah, they're talking about her battle call.

My son would go apeshit over this.

All jokes aside, I think a few of these will be requested for presents this year. For better or for worse.

[photo 1|photo 2|photo 3]

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