The Inbreeding Has Begun

I was perusing the fine goods of Forever 21 (irony noted) when I had to do a double take over a t-shirt I swore was last seen on my best friend from 9th grade. Then I did a series of double takes and when my neck stopped hurting I had come to a conclusion... leopard prints were back.

Now leopard, and other prints where we pretend to be animals (because anything is cuter than being a primate, am I right?), has never gone out of style. Wait, correction... animal prints have never disappeared. (Style, as a definition, is an elusive mistress... she's hot but she steals your last yogurt as she walks out the door to see "a guy she knows", and then you wait up for her way too long.) But this latest breed of animal is purely of the 80s variety. A little too closely.

Guess which of these items I found on a costume website and which I found at Forever 21? I mixed them up just to be helpful like.

This is where you insert something about remembering history and repeatable doom. Oh wait...

[photo 1|photo 2|photo 3|photo 4|photo 5]

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