The World Of Recut Trailers

Yesterday, I paid an innocent visit to /Film. Several hours later, I regained consciousness after falling down a rabbit hole into the seedy underbelly of YouTube.

Like I said, things started innocently enough. /Film had an article about a fan-made trailer for (500) Days of Summer. The fan used different clips, added different music, and recast Joseph Gordon-Levitt More as a stalker:

I wondered if there were other recut trailers on YouTube.

Big mistake. There are tons of creative people with time on their hands producing them.

I really enjoyed this reworking of Willy Wonka as a drug baron:

Here's one that reimagines Top Gun as a love story between Maverick and Iceman:

But by far, my favorite was The Shining remade into a heartwarming romantic comedy:

And one more for the road (and because they won't let you embed it): check out this retooling of Dirty Dancing as a David Lynch flick!


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