'80s Eyewear

A few months ago I took my husband birthday shopping as he needed some new sunglasses. I was amused and appalled to see that the Sunglass Hut had a display of Limited Edition Oakleys - that were retro '80s Wayfarers. Remember these?

Back in the day I had some knockoffs in hot pink (cuz I wear prescription glasses). I thought they were so hot! They totally went with my pink Converse high tops.

Well today I was out shopping at an electronics store and saw a dude in a polo shirt, with his collar popped, wearing the Wayfarers in black and neon orange. I'm pretty sure his lady friend noticed that I stopped to stare a little.

I was at the eye doctor this afternoon and while I was trying on new frames I mentioned it to the lovely man who was helping me pick out frames and he said that Ray-Ban and Oakley styles from the '80s are making a comeback. He agreed with me that '80s fashion, while fun at the time, really shouldn't be making a comeback.

I can handle the classic Top Gun style Ray-Bans. Tom Cruise made them look good.

The neon plastic? No thanks.

Fess up, who had the eyewear? Will you run out to pick up some new Wayfarers?

[Image 1|Image 2]

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