Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?

Well, children of the '80s, I've got my bags packed, the car is all fueled up, and I've tranquilized my children so that can only mean one thing.

Road trip.

Before I leave on my exploratory quest I'd like to talk about what I will be listening to.

Satellite radio.

I can hear the purists expectorating in my general direction right now, but I've actually had it with terrestrial radio these days.

It used to be that you could go to any number of stations where I grew up (NY) and find progressive, new wave/alternative, hard rock, pop, classical and mish mash.

Remember Carol Miller from WPLJ? How about Scott Muni from WNEW? Thanks to him, I fell out of bed one morning after he premiered Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey." WLIR before it became DRE? I could go on and on.

Remember when Times Square was not a tourist destination and it was good for fake IDs, peep shows, and getting mugged? When CBGB's was actually open and had up and coming bands playing on its stage? Now we wax poetic about it in the past tense as a bastion of glory days long since evaporated.

I miss sneaking the radio under the covers to listen to the King Biscuit Flower Hour through massive bulky headphones or hearing a new song by an unknown artist who just happened to appeal to a DJ who didn't have a massive fascist machine breathing down his neck to play the same crap songs over and over.

It is with sadness that I wave goodbye to my relationship with FM and all that we meant to each other but I think I just heard that Carol Miller is working at Satellite channel 18.

Maybe I'll pop in and say hello.

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