Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

So the long-gestating on-again/off-again remake of Footloose is back on again. Once upon a time, the remake had a distinct Disneyian flavor by poaching talent from High School Musical. Zac Efron was set to step into Kevin Bacon's Chuck Taylors and director/choreographer Kenny Ortega was to step behind the camera. Zac dropped out in pursuit of a career that didn't involve press tours in malls and hordes of screaming prepubescent tween girls.

The remake languished for a bit until Paramount roped in writer/director Craig Brewer to take over. Brewer is best known for the fantastic, gritty Hustle & Flow. They've also cast a complete unknown as the lead along side of the fetching Julianne Hough. Rumor is that Dennis Quaid will be playing the strict, dancing phobic Reverend.

Now I don't know about you, but this team actually makes me kind of excited about this remake. Brewer's realistic style almost insures that this will not just be another slick, soulless remake (like Fame).

We'll find out when it opens next April.

But one question remains... is Kenny Loggins available?

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