The Lost Fingers

An acoustic band of Frenchmen that can go from Soft Cell to AC/DC to Paula Abdul to Michael Jackson… even Stevie frickin'Wonder (!!!) in ONE ALBUM… All I can say is, "Hey baby, bring summa that over here..."

Folks, I am not a purist. I am a HUGE fan of the cover band… ESPECIALLY if they rock… ESPECIALLIER if they rock because they get all creative with a cover song. OR TWELVE.

The song list: "Pump Up the Jam," "You Give Love a Bad Name," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Incognito," "Touch Me," "Part-Time Lover," "Fresh," "Billie Jean," "Careless Whisper," "Tainted Love," "Straight Up," and "Black Velvet."

These songs, the unique sound and style, is why I love me my Lost Fingers. Their album, Lost in the 80s, rocks my world. Their version of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long"… let's just say Justin Timberlake thought he brought sexy back? That baby boy don't even know.

*fans face*



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