Oh Monchhichis, Wherefore Art Thou?

Since I'm sitting here trying to wade through the vast wasteland of discarded stuffed animals tossed carelessly away by my uncaring children, I thought I would mention a fuzzy friend long since forgotten:

The Monchhichi.

Yes, the furry lovable porcupine monkey hybrid who could suck his/her own thumb and had the catchiest theme song in the entire world. I can STILL remember the words.

Never mind that I actually kind of looked like a Monchhichi before I discovered the miracle of facial waxing (it's the Sicilian cave woman DNA), they were cute, cuddly, and VERY popular.

With the cyclical waves of '80s toys and shows being dug up and recycled, I'm at a loss as to why this wasn't on some big wig's redo list.

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