You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

I was reading this article about the discovery of the original Jaws shark when I learned two things:
  1. The shark in Jaws was named "Bruce." Which made me understand why the shark in Finding Nemo was named "Bruce."

  2. They're looking at doing a Real 3-D remake of the original Jaws film. With TRACY MORGAN in the Richard Dreyfuss role.
Now, full disclaimer, I've never seen Jaws all the way thru - I've seen bits and pieces. Travesty, I know. I've been seriously considering a Jaws movie-thon for a while now. It's a July 4th film so maybe, just maybe that's what we'll do on the 4th. Anyway, I did see Jaws 3 years ago when I was a kid. It was on TV and the scene when they're trapped in the aquarium glass tube thing scared the crap out of me - I even had nightmares which had never happened to me before. So it doesn't surprise me that, with the current 3-D fad that Jaws is under consideration for a 3-D version. I think stupid monster movies are really the only reason to see a film in 3-D.

But to remake the original, with Tracy Morgan? Really? I think Tracy is freaking GENIUS on 30 Rock. And he's coming out here with a stand up show that I hope to catch. But replacing Richard Dreyfuss? Really? I just don't see Tracy doing serious or scary.

Here's the original 1975 trailer. I love the old timey voiceover work.

Anyone excited to see Jaws redone in Cameron's Real 3-D? Anyone else out there think that they should have just released Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus in 3-D as originally planned and been done with it? If you some how missed it, here's the trailer for that flick. It's pretty much the best thing about the movie. Trust me, I Netflixed it. And yes, that's THE Deborah ("Electric Youth") Gibson in it.

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