Big Earrings Have Taken A Strange Turn

Every time I turn on the TV lately I've seen someone wearing '80s-style, big ol' plastic earrings. You know, those geometric shapes in bright colors, say a dangling hoop followed by a triangle, maybe a lightning bolt if you wanna get daring? Except way more huge than anything anyone actually wore IN the '80s. Yes, I've been seeing those earrings a lot, usually worn by the character who has a big personality but also has "issues".

So of course, I wanted to track down some of those extra sized puppies.

And I haven't found them! Frustrating! I found plenty of big stars and hearts, but nothing truly supersized. NOT the dangly hoop-triangle combo! Obviously Hollywood stylists aren't shopping at Claire's (snooty bitches)

However, I did find some interesting '80s-inspired pieces.

Why not take hoops to the next level... by adding floating dots. (It's like wearing The Pill... in your ears.)

Remember how chains were in? So tough! Like maybe you were in a gang. I think they've added an inch for every year since the '80s.

No gang member with any sense would get caught in a fight wearing these. Duh. (Personally, I don't think dance clubs would be much safer.)

Neon, of course. In... um... brass knuckles? (This probably has some deep significance from a vampire book or something.)

Finally, the tried and true '80s charms-dangling-from-chains theme. These, appropriately titled "Hot Mess", feature cleavers and severed legs!

When did jewelry get so violent?

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