Flynn Lives in San Diego

Amongst all of the weirdness of the San Diego Comic Con, it stood out like a big neon beacon--a bright sign, "Flynn's" on a nondescript building.

Normally there were huge crowds lined up outside, but for some reason that evening there was nobody there. My friends and I stepped inside, where we were transported to a distant, yet familiar time.

We found ourselves in an old school '80s arcade. A vintage Pac-Man machine stood alongside Off Road, Gauntlet, Joust, and Millipede (to name just a few). No quarters necessary. We could play as much as we wanted. We were given old school plastic coin pouches filled with Flynn’s Arcade tokens.

After gorging ourselves in 8-bit goodness, we noticed another neon sign reading "Home of Tron" over a door on the back wall. That passageway led to Flynn's secret lab, where that familiar laser that first sent Flynn to the world of Tron was aimed directly at us.

After being "digitized" by the laser, we found ourselves down a dark hall lit with spinning blue lights. Finally, we ended up in a big room, glowing in the signature hue of the world of Tron.

Suddenly, the lights went out and images from Tron: Legacy popped up on the video screens around the room. It ended with the ghostly image of the man himself, Flynn.

It was an awesome bit of viral marketing that has gotten me even more excited for Tron: Legacy.

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