Four Tumblrs You Should Be Reading Right Now

I used to have a personal, diary-type blog -- a big girl blog with my own domain name and comments to moderate and more headaches than I want to remember. Since most of my blogging hours were already taken up by my music site, and another blogging job that actually paid me money (not enough to live on, but enough to justify my blogging habit), my old blog suffered. I had to put it out of its misery. I still liked the idea of having a "home base" or sorts, so I started spending more time at Tumblr, where I threw up an ad-hoc link blog (more for myself than anything, given my track record of bookmarking things only to forget where exactly I bookmarked them -- sort of like the online version of losing your keys).

These days, I spend most of my casual blogging time there, and I've found quite a few fun sites that I probably wouldn't have if I had to weed through the blogosphere's massive bloat. I will share them with you:

"Zits are beauty marks."
Zits are beauty marks (also known as fuckyeahsassymagazine) is "a tribute to Sassy magazine and all of its contents, including but not limited to: cute bands, Lynda Barry, zits as beauty marks, insulting Tiffani Amber Thiessen, giving you free R.E.M. vinyl, love advice from Thurston Moore, feminism, 'zines, Evan Dando's disembodied head, quizzes, bitchin 90s fashion, unrequited love for Keanu Reeves, and the importance of being sassy." Full disclosure: most of my knowledge of Sassy magazine comes secondhand from other women my age who grew up reading, loving, and living Sassy, so I'm enjoying reliving the youth I sort of wish I had.

I Still Shoot Film
Whether you're a vintage camera enthusiast, or 100% digital and want to reminisce, I Still Shoot Film is a wealth of photographic knowledge, old-school style.

Write One Leaf
Write One Leaf is the place to go if you're a frustrated writer in need of a kick in the pants: "Write One Leaf is about writing every day. It's about getting started. Write one leaf; one word, two pages, three note cards, four napkins, five blog posts... But begin."

STFU, Parents
Tired of your friends' broadcasting the minutiae of their kid's every waking moment? You're not alone.

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