Mixtape: Hair Bands

The theme was hair bands on this week's Culture Brats Radio. In case you missed it or just want to reminisce, here's the playlist:

  1. L.A. Guns, "Sex Action"
  2. Y&T, "Summertime Girls"
  3. Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again"
  4. Junkyard, "Hollywood"
  5. Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, "The Party Starts Now"
  6. Warrant, "Cherry Pie"
  7. Extreme, "Kid Ego"
  8. Motley Crue, "Girls, Girls, Girls"
  9. Stryper, "Calling On You"
  10. Dangerous Toys, "Teas'n, Pleas'n"
  11. Celebrity Skin, "Hello"
  1. Poison, "Talk Dirty To Me"
  2. Queensryche, "Jet City Woman"
  3. Faster Pussycat, "Don't Change That Song"
  4. Tesla, "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)"
  5. Bon Jovi, "She Don't Know Me"
  6. Dokken, "It's Not Love"
  7. Cinderella, "Gypsy Road"
  8. Ratt, "Way Cool Jr."
  9. Great White, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
  10. Skid Row, "Youth Gone Wild"
  11. Guns N' Roses, "Yesterdays"
Thanks to everyone who came out and requested songs. If you'd like to catch future shows, follow us on Twitter.

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