She's Got It, Yeah Baby She's Got It

In the immediate wake of morning drop off I was reminded yet again why I was always and forever listening to the radio when I was young.

Bananarama's scorching hot version of "Venus" came over the satellite airwaves this AM and I found myself doing the hand moves while trying to negotiate the traffic streaming across Connecticut Avenue.

I remember being completely jazzed in the tenth grade when someone casually mentioned that I reminded him of Keren (the dark haired one). I went home to practice my girl band moves in the mirror so I could continue this meteoric ascent into the Lookalike Hall Of Fame.

When people passed me in the hallway, they would be able to see beyond my wool knee socks and school skirt to the pop band doppelganger within.

It was only years later that I took a long hard look and realized there is no resemblance whatsoever but I'm glad I had my moment in the sun.

After some research and a trip to the band's website I realized that Keren and Sara are still making music but Siobhan Fahey (also of Shakespear's Sister fame) is no longer rounding out the trio. C'mon girls, I know you understand the power of three.

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