When I was 13, I had the coolest pair of paint-splattered Keds. Except they weren't actually Keds but the cheaper Payless Shoes version. (Which wasn't quite as cool as actual Keds but they were close.) Nonetheless, for $5.99 those white tennies with multi-colored paint splatters weren't just darn cute, they were chic because they were a design pattern that had never been done before! (You know, if you don't count Jackson Pollock.) On top of that, those paint splatters kind of hinted at a little bit of subversiveness... like they could have been at the scene of a building getting tagged. Maybe. You can't tell that they weren't. I was styling in my bad child, knock-off splatter paint tennies.

But that was when I was 13. I didn't have much experience in the world and I thought using baby oil as sunscreen was a good idea. Since then I've come to associate paint splatter as one of those beginning Photoshop tutorials.

Which means there must be a lot of beginning Photoshop students designing clothes these days.

Hey fashion students! It's supposed to be about reinventing. Re-inventing! That means taking an old style and making it modern. Not just watching Flashdance, throwing something together and thinking no one will notice.

OK, this one is kind of cool. It's got rips! And paint splatters! And geometric shapes! I want to pair it with a fedora and some pegged pants. Think I can wear it to a parent-teacher conference?

There is even an entire section of Zazzle just for paint splattered Keds!

(Repeat after self: I am not 13. I am not 13. I am not 13.)

[photo 1|photo 2|photo 3|photo 4]

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