Tweeting The Decision: The Heartwrenching Life Decision Of LeBron James

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8:30 PM Rumor has it Jay-Z will be the opening act on tonight's LeBronathon. Play 99 Problems, big guy!

8:56 PM Are you excited? We're only four minutes away from LeBron's one-man variety show on ESPN.

9:00 PM Wait! The Decision doesn't have its own theme song?

9:01 PM Was that James Earl Jones doing the voiceover intro to The Decision?

9:01 PM Will there be vampires on The Decision?

9:02 PM Ok. It's 9:02 PM. Where's LeBron? Typical rockstar.

9:04 PM What the hell? That dude's sportscoat went from jade green to maroon? We have magic on The Decision!

9:14 PM Cool! They're showing LeBron in different uniforms on The Decision!

9:16 PM Waiting for Jon Barry's magical suit to change colors again on The Decision.

9:18 PM Why is LeBron James sitting in a giant chair on The Decision?

9:21 PM It's 9:21. When do we get to hear LeBron's decision on The Decision?

9:24 PM RT @lovehatesociety: Breaking news from ESPN: LeBron James has made his choice. He's gonna keep the baby. Whooooaaaa, he's gonna keep the baby.

9:28 PM It's time for The Decision on The Decision.

9:28 PM Heard on The Decision: Major factor? "The best opportunity for me to win." Goodbye, Cleveland!

9:29 PM "Lebron... what's your decision?" Cue Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

9:30 PM The Decision has been made on The Decision. The Heat is The Decision. ESPN can now go back to Brett Favre. Free at last!

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