The Curious Whereabouts Of Case 39

Once upon a time there was a little script floating around Hollywood about the spooky goings surrounding a little girl. The timing seemed right for a movie such as this: audiences were flocking to movies like The Ring and The Grudge and it seemed that every studio wanted to make supernatural thrillers and big stars wanted to be in them. Paramount was no exception, so they gave this little script a home.

In 2006, Renee Zellweger signed on to star and the little script became a movie. But since that time, it's whereabouts have been unknown.

Paramount's little movie, Case 39, had to silently sit on the bench and watch as the supernatural thriller went out of style in favor of more aggressive horror movies like the Saw flicks or remakes of '80s staples such as A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday the 13th. The years went by and the movie collected dust on the shelf.

For a minute, it seemed like Case 39 would show up last year when a trailer appeared. But just as quickly as it came, Case 39 vanished once again. But hope arrived for the movie when it was given an international release and managed to earn a few coins in Spain and Mexico. It wasn't long before a new trailer was released, this time featuring the film's co-star: a young lad named Bradley Cooper, who had become arguably a bigger star than Ms. Zellweger herself.

So after sitting around for almost three years after its completion, Case 39 will see the light of day. Can it possibly overcome the odds and redeem itself? I guess we'll have to wait until October 1st, when we can finally decide for ourselves.

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