Hellcats: "Beale St. After Dark"

In this epic installment we get drugs, street fights, steroid scandals, drunk puking girls, elicit affairs and some hot street dance moves.

I swear I wasn't watching Jersey Shore. I didn't see any Bumpits or hookers.

So what was interesting about his episode? Not much, actually. Quickly, the university is pulling the squad's funding so instead of going the traditional route of competing for their spot which is very very expensive, they decide to put together a video audition. Alice, being the narcissist she is, decides that there is no way in hell they will succeed unless she is "on the mat" right where she belongs. Which is strange since from the very beginning all she is trying to do is sabotage everything. But her wrist is still all wonky, so she really can't do anything and this is when we realize (again) that Alice is one whacked out chick (with really amazing hair). She seeks the help from Jake, a football player who apparently knows where to score all the drugs a little broken cheerleader could ever want, and he lovingly tells her everything he is going to get for her. Just the usual cocktail of HGH, percs and vics, and by lovingly I mean he is probably going to want to get her drunk and shtoop her later. But instead, he just gets his ass kicked by a cheerleader and by cheerleader I mean Lewis "Does this look crooked?" Flynn kicks his ass and ends up spending the night in jail.

Through out all of this, I can't help but wonder how does Alice make her hair so perfect when she only has use of one arm? I can barely get mine to look smoother than the Scarecrow's hair and I have both hands and two feet if need be.

All in all this episode was a little boring to me. I think I want to see more tumbling, less clothes, and a whole lot less of law school classes.

However I do want to see more drunk Savannah! Because obviously I don't think there is anything more riveting then watching a wayward Christian cheerleader getting all sloppy on her first real date.

In case you missed it, there is a Hellcats app for your iPhone. Ahem.

Oh look it's me as an angry cloven hooved Hellcat!

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