Hellcats: "I Say a Little Prayer"

Part of me is waiting for Savannah's head to explode or at least pop off. I keep getting glimpses of the evil brewing inside of her that she is fervently trying to squash down. Wouldn't it be awesome if in one episode, Ashley Tisdale took that Sharpie of Enlightenment she runs around with and started telling it like it is? Alice would have the word "Skank" scrawled across her forehead.

In this episode, we realize that Savannah is not as happy-go-lucky as we would have thought. That she is also a rebel, much like Marti, and that she too has a difficult home life since being banished by her parents for the horrifying act of changing colleges! Oh, the nerve of our little innocent God-fearing cheerleader, the nerve! Her family seems like a bunch of selfish, self-righteous, close minded-asses, leaving little doubt about Savannah's decision to basically run away from them. Savannah's sister is the captain of the rival cheer squad from Memphis Christian College and in a divine act of God, she falls off the top of a people pyramid and suffers some kind of injury that results in a hospital stay and a prayer circle that just so happens to be during the Hellcats' rescheduled competition time. So Savannah does what any good squad captain would do: she skips the prayer circle and leads the Hellcats to victory! What? Of course they win because if they didn't the season would be over, right?

Moving on to plot hole number two that I mentioned in the first episode, that hole has been corked up and sealed shut. Alice doesn't have a scholarship to Lancer, she has The BOD (Bank Of Daddy) so she can be as manipulative and conniving as she wants to be to get back at Marti. Tsk tsk, Alice! Don't you realize this kind of behavior never works? Marti's mom, Wanda, shows up sober and tells Marti she looks like a tranny with all that make up on and tries to lick it off or something like that but in the end this just brings them closer to reconciling so in reality Alice is like a family therapist. Oh and Lewis "Does this look crooked?" Flynn is more then just a pretty boy, he's on to you Alice. He realizes what you tried to do by unnerving Marti and he doesn't like it. So while he and Marti do the bump and grind at the celebratory after party, you can sit there in the corner with your broken wrist and scheme all by yourself.

I would say the only thing that could have been better about this episode is that the Memphis Christian College cheer squad needed shorter skirts. Having them actually cover their butt cheeks was highly inappropriate.

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