Victim: Travie McCoy, "We'll Be Alright"

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the video for Travie McCoy's "We'll Be Alright." Hope ya love it!

Chag: Less obvious product placement, please. Maybe next time he could just sing, "Buy a Mini Cooper!" (0:08)

Dufmanno: This is the third best car commercial I've ever seen. (0:09)

The Weirdgirl: There isn't anything more wholesome or cheerful than a Mini Cooper! (0:09)

Chag: Ain't no party like a mattress party! (0:15)

Dufmanno: Chag, call me silly but wouldn't the home they are visiting come with a mattress or two? Why lug your own when there are plenty available? Also, did they just drag it out of the back of the Mini Cooper because, you know, REALISM! (0:15)

Dufmanno: Is it a bad thing that I feel seething resentment bubbling up this early in the video? He's too smug for my tastes, especially since I can hear Supergrass right behind me breathing heavily. (0:18)

The Weirdgirl: My goodness he has a hairy neck! Oh wait, those are tattoos. Hairy-looking tattoos. (0:25)

Dufmanno: Most parties I've been to that start like this result in broken bones, hurt feelings, and unplanned pregnancies. You all need to wipe those smiles off your faces and get grim. (0:34)

Chag: Was that Andrew W.K.? (0:36)

The Weirdgirl: Skate ramp and sliding glass doors. This will end well. (0:47)

Dufmanno: Silly sting adds fun to any evening. (0:57)

The Weirdgirl: Pervert eyes. Lovely. (0:59)

Dufmanno: Travie's pinky finger looks wonky. And by wonky, I mean crooked. (1:06)

Dufmanno: Silly string ruins evening by dissolving in Solo cup of beer, resulting in toxic mixture of unknown chemicals that escape, form hazy cloud, and turn everyone into undead. No, never mind, it only spoiled his drink. (1:09)

Chag: Dufmanno, I like your vision for the video much better. (1:09)

Dufmanno: I like the skate ramp? I'm trying to stay positive. (1:15)

Dufmanno: So many ways to go here. First off: the ta-ta flash, while no longer obligatory in the music video, does still have some redeeming qualities. Second, the young lady on the left with the Cruella de Vil inspired black and white hair looks like a Barbie I had in second grade who had the upper portion of her skull on a pivot so you could rotate between brunette and blond. (1:17)

The Weirdgirl: Pervert eyes #2. I officially hate this guy. I am feeling a lot of anger... maybe it's something subliminal? (1:20)

Chag: Right back atcha, dude. (1:27)

Dufmanno: The guy in the shower with his girlfriend is patriotic. I love a good show of American pride. (1:38)

The Weirdgirl: Pervert eyes #3. Oh my god, dude, you need to get arrested in a public bathroom somewhere. (1:38)

Dufmanno: Wild Stallions on the shower curtain. (1:43)

Dufmanno: Let's move it outside to the pool where wet clothing and drunk people eventually result in nudity and group sex. And NO, I don't know this from experience. ( 1:54)

The Weirdgirl: Now that's a good way to ruin a bike. Did your parents buy that for you? GET A JOB! (2:00)

Chag: Sparklers? Really? (2:10)

Dufmanno: Look at my HAIR!(2:16)

The Weirdgirl: Well, NOW it's a party, because that guy did a backward flip! (2:28)

Dufmanno: That guy is attempting a gratuitous crotch grab in SLOW MO. (2:35)

Chag: A mattress to jump on, silly string, sparklers, and a pinata? Is this a douchebag hipster shindig or a birthday party for my kid? (2:40)

The Weirdgirl: Both. At least half those girls are underage. (2:40)

Dufmanno: Don't be hatin', Chag. You never outgrow the wonder of sparkly things, jumping high in the air, and recklessly smashing the hell out of objects hanging in front of your face while blindfolded. That sounds like a bad S&M session. (2:40)

Dufmanno: EVERYBODY INTO THE POOL! I told you no good comes of water and intoxication. (2:45)

Chag: Underwater lesbian makeout sessions! Just like every party I attended in high school! (2:57)

Dufmanno: I knew the girl on girl action was coming. (2:58)

Chag: Knew it was coming? Or HOPING it was coming? (2:58)

Chag: You know, if these are the kinds of parties he throws, I hope he never becomes a billionaire. So freakin' bad. (3:03)

Dufmanno: Wow, that ended abruptly. Almost like we were made to sit through that crapfest with no payoff. (3:10)

The Weirdgirl: Maybe he drowned? (3:10)

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