How You Know The '80s Are Big Right Now

Yesterday, CNN ran an interview with She-Ra. No, seriously. You can find it here. Here's my favorite part of the interview:

CNN: What was really going on between She-Ra and Sea Hawk?

Britt: Not a lot. I think honestly that She-Ra had a calling, maybe as Adora. If she was only Adora, maybe there could have been a relationship with Sea Hawk, but she had a much higher calling that really didn't include him.

Yes, that's right, CNN asked the actress who voiced She-Ra what was going on with her and Sea Hawk. Honestly, mad props to CNN's Katie McLaughlin. I couldn't have come up with the name Sea Hawk.

Here's my secret internet confession: while I was a pretty big tomboy, I was a huge, huge She-Ra fan. I'm talking I own the Crystal Castle complete with almost every She-Ra female action figure ever produced. Queen Angella? Check. Peekablue? Check. Castaspella? God I hope so because that name is awesome. (And yes, I say "own" in the present tense as I believe the entire collection is in my mom's garage right now.) Jealous ladies?

My brother had Castle Greyskull and a bunch of He-Man action figures and we had some epic battles. If we ran out of He-Men for She-Ra to fight, we'd toss in some of my brother's WWF guys. You haven't lived till you've seen She-Ra whip Ric Flair's butt. So am I more than a little excited that She-Ra just got a major media release? Yes I am! (Honey, if you're reading, for Christmas you could get me this to go with my Voltron collection. Hint hint.)

So ladies, any other She-Ra fans out there?


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