In Your Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights

Exciting entertainment news came out late Friday. Wonder Woman is coming to the small screen! And David E. Kelley is behind the show! Ok, now, I kind of hated Ally McBeal. But he helped get Doogie Howser off the ground. He was the genius behind Picket Fences. And he wrote the script for one of my most favorite little seen sports movies: Mystery, Alaska. (Seriously, I love that flick. Hockey. Heart. Russell Crowe. It's good stuff.)

It's not the Joss Whedon movie script that got turned down years ago, which, frankly, was probably a kick-ass awesome script. But by God it's WONDER WOMAN.

Those lyrics are ridiculous. But I know I'm not the only little girl that ran around with shiny arm bands singing "WONDER WOMAN!"

Who would you like to see as your small screen Wonder Woman? And do you think she'll wear the classic outfit that Lynda Carter wore? Or the updated new outfit below?

I know, I'm a big dork. But it's WONDER WOMAN!


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