SmackTalk Victim: AWOLNATION, "Burn It Down"

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the video for AWOLNATION's "Burn It Down." Hope ya love it!

Dufmanno: The People's Court!

Dufmanno: Is that Samantha Ronson?

Chag: A guilty filthy soul is a crime? Time for me to take a trip to Canada to hang out with Randy Quaid!

Dufmanno: The accused embodies everything I ever wanted or needed in a man circa 1983-85.

Chag: You know, I had that same haircut twenty-six years ago. We all did.

Chag: Is that Rusty Burrell?

Chag: Please tase him, bro!

Dufmanno: Lightning flying from the fingertips is SO Emperor Palpatine. Or Anna Wintour. Or God.

The Weirdgirl: I wonder if he learned those crazy eyes from School Of Rock?

Chag: Should've tased him, bro. Now you're an MTV Video Music Award.

Didactic Pirate: Lasers, a bald mannequin and jury ninjas. I'm already totally on board.

Dufmanno: This guy is like a super mad scientist combo of a young Carey Elwes, Spandau Ballet, and Duran Duran's stylist. I think it goes without saying that I like him.

Dufmanno: What's he going to do to that secretly sexy lady with the librarian glasses and come-hither look?

Dufmanno: She's going to be a mermaid with a nice military jacket obviously.

The Weirdgirl: Bringing to life all those naughty Ariel fantasies for his lawyer.

The Weirdgirl: Bringing another fantasy to life for his lawyer! Transgender lightning!

Chag: Wow, Weirdgirl. I totally missed that the first time through.

The Weirdgirl: Booty shaking! And cheerleaders. Our legal system has been improved. I'd watch Court TV if every case was like this.

Didactic Pirate: More lasers AND cheerleaders? This just became the best halftime show EVER.

Dufmanno: Tame ninjas? What's the point?

Chag: Rusty busting a move!

The Weirdgirl: Lasers improve everything.

Chag: Why do I suddenly want a Coors Light?

The Weirdgirl: I know I'm supposed to be critiquing this but I'm blinded by the awesomeness.

The Weirdgirl: I seriously need to get me some booty shaking moves so I can be a groupie.

Chag: Cheerleaders having a pillow fight? Here's the music video you've been waiting for your entire life, 13-year-old me!

Didactic Pirate: Dude, this exact same thing happened to me when I went to go dispute a traffic ticket last week.

Dufmanno: The cheerleader pillow fight almost distracted me from that awesome sparkle guitar!

Dufmanno: I love this video, and the song is on FIRE! Can you imagine this live?

Chag: Agreed! The song kicks major ass!

Didactic Pirate: You know why the lead singer explodes in the end? Because he's got too much AWESOME coursing through his system. This song is great.

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