Victim: Nicolas Cage's Drive Angry

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the trailer for the upcoming Nicolas Cage feature Drive Angry. Hope ya love it!

Archphoenix: Isn't that Nic's car from Gone In Sixty Seconds? I wonder how many classic Nic Cage movies this will reference?

Dufmanno: I am already about to give this movie legendary status right behind Vanishing Point with this opener.

Daddy Geek Boy: Another crappy haircut. Another crappy accent. Another crappy Nic Cage movie.

Daddy Geek Boy: Movie cliche #1: Good guy walking away in slow motion from an explosion.

Dufmanno: How do you break out of hell? This movie might prove very useful for those of us who already have reservations on the bullet train.

Archphoenix: He broke out of hell? Is this Ghost Rider 2: We Couldn't Get the Rights? Wait... Did he just drive that muscle car through a burning pentagram?! AWESOME.

A Vapid Blonde: Is that a merkin on his head?

Archphoenix: Oh Nic, what's with the hair? Let it go, hon.

Daddy Geek Boy: Movie cliche #2: "You got mixed up with the wrong crowd."

Dufmanno: More cars. Big cars.

Daddy Geek Boy: Movie cliche #3: "He's got one last shot at redemption."

Chag: Why do cults always steal babies? Can't they just shoplift or something?

Dufmanno: Cults steal babies because babies don't require as much work. Duh.

Archphoenix: Kidnapping babies - Raising Arizona.

Dufmanno: The Devil's right hand man? I should know this stuff. I went to Catholic school.

A Vapid Blonde: I like how well dressed the Devil's right hand man is... shouldn't it be his left hand man though?

Archphoenix: The Devil has a bounty hunter now? Sweet!

A Vapid Blonde: Oh hey! It's me as an ass double.

Daddy Geek Boy: Megan Fox was seemingly unavailable to drape herself over the cars in this movie.

Archphoenix: Nic always gets the HOTTEST women in films - Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes. I wonder if that's a rider in his contract?

Chag: Is that supposed to be a selling point?

Daddy Geek Boy: Chag, oddly for this movie it seems it's a bigger selling point than Nic Cage being in it.

Dufmanno: I hope someday I get to blow things up, punch Chief Swann and then get thrown out of the back of a motor home onto the hood of someone's muscle car. Do you think it will ever happen for me?

Archphoenix: Shot in 3D?! FINALLY. Nic Cage's hair coming at you in 3D! I'm in.

Daddy Geek Boy: A crappy movie shot in 3D is still a crappy movie. It just has an extra dimension of crappiness.

Dufmanno: Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for this kind of camp. I'm in the theater on opening day!

A Vapid Blonde: I should totally be in this movie. I have a muscle car. I have guns. I am even wearing Daisy Dukes right now. And I am with Dufmanno on this one. The trailer is making me all amped up. Definitely a must see!

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