Everybody Likes Pie. Everybody.

Not too long ago I found myself in a local diner, looking over the possibilities on the grease-stained menu, when a gal at the counter caught my eye.

She wasn't remarkable with the exception of the way she was dressed and her hairstyle. Her twin sweater set, pearls, and neatly curled dark shiny hair gave me my first Dale Cooper Twin Peaks pie-eating moment in almost twenty years.

I swear I wouldn't have been surprised if circus folk had descended from the ceiling dressed in formal finery, speaking in tongues, and trying to tell me who killed Laura Palmer.

Best part of the whole experience was when she actually ordered coffee AND pie followed by the spectacular ritual of reapplying her shiny red lipstick in a vintage-looking mirror.

Ten minutes after I'd paid my check, I toyed with the idea of taking her picture just to prove she existed but decided to race home and write about it instead.

Imagine how completely deflated I was when I realized that this was in fact a '90s moment and not an '80s moment but then I said to myself: "Self, Culture Brats wouldn't put Baby in a corner like that! Culture Brats is dedicated to every and all events that are pop culture related and their tag line 'from the '80s to today' frees you from your shackles!!"

Yeah, so after I recovered from my Norma Rae moment, I got down off the factory table with my union sign and found the show opener from the David Lynch series that got under my skin.


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