Giving Thanks is All About Pie

I am thankful for the Internet.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without pie, and people definitely like their pie. But they're not real original when it comes to proclaiming their love on, what else?, a t-shirt. It seems to go in one of two directions. Direction number 1... boring. Usually in the realm of, "I love pie." Snore. Direction number 2... well, it's direction number 2.

Ah, the mounding cream, the reference to S&M. It's all so holiday friendly. Of course, they had me at Devo.

Does it smell like cherry?

Did you notice the female theme so far? Yeah, me too. That's probably why this also showed up.

It's a "pumpkin pie filling" magnet. Right. (Side story! So I worked with this guy once who apparently loved the female girly bits. Just thought the hoo-ha was the most gorgeous thing in the world. He wanted to stare at the goods all day and was always trying to sneak artistic renderings of the cootchie cootchie coo into the house past his wife. I can guarantee this magnet would have been up on his fridge. Later he came out of the closet. Duh. Overcompensating much?)

Oh naughty beaver, there's this thing called subtlety. You should try it.

Here's one for the guys!

Um... Okay... maybe not something you should be advertising.

(Two guys walk out of the maternity ward...

OK, I'll stop now.)

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