Just Can't Get Enough Toys

Here's the deal... I have toy envy. Through a combination of limited funding and hippie parental disapproval of "consumerism," I was a kid that entered the '80s with more than one toy made out of rustic wood and a healthy dosing of "go outside and play." (Do you know what's outside? More rustic wood.) There were so many fabulous toys in the '80s and I didn't get, well, most of them, despite pressing my face up to the TV and salivating.

So I'm planning on reliving my youth vicariously through this book: Just Can't Get Enough - Toys, Games, and Other Stuff from the 80s That Rocked. Doesn't that title just say it all? The book cover looks like an old school Trapper Keeper (sweet!) and the reviews all mention hilarious commentary and nostalgic memories, which I think is pretty much the equivalent of Culture Brats writer heaven. Sure, I could buy my son a Care Bear or a She-Ra doll and live vicariously through him, but he just doesn't seem to "get it." So I'll skip the history lessons (and tearful arguments when he chucks that My Little Pony aside) and go straight to putting this on my Christmas list.

Because now that Halloween's over it's time to think about those things.


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