Life Is A Highway... Again

I have seen the movie Cars about 167 times. Before I was a parent, I had seen Cars once. My son, like a lot of boys, is simply obsessed with wheels. The geniuses at Pixar knew this and made a movie tailor made for these kinds of kids.

Outside of the Toy Story movies, Pixar hasn't made any sequels. But considering that Cars merchandise has earned $1 billion a year since it was released in 2006, it was kind of inevitable that we'd be seeing Lightening McQueen and company again. (Pixar may have impeccable taste, but let's not forget that they are a business after all.)

This brings us to the surprising trailer for Cars 2. It seems to show a movie with a decidedly different flavor than the first one. While I'm thrilled that my kid will finally have a new Cars story to obsess over, and while I have confidence in Pixar's storytelling, I'm a bit thrown by what they're showing us.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

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