Love That '80s Name

Despite dire predictions last winter that '80s makeup was BACK(!), big bold peacock eyes and fuchsia lips never made it past the runway. Thank goodness. While we may have fond memories of our Caboodles cases stuffed with just the right blue eyeliner, I don't think anyone wants to go back to painting her eyes into architectural designs. (I personally can't keep my hands steady enough to do those lines anymore.) However, cosmetics companies seem to love the idea of '80s makeup... or rather they like "80s" in the name of their makeup.

(BTW, I made the image to the right on Taaz's fun makeover site, where you can even upload a photo of yourself to make over. The model looked perfectly normal before I started. When I tried it with my own photo I just looked like a whore.)

"I Love the 80s" eye shadow

"80s Pink" lipstick

"That's So 80s" lip balm

Flash Lash "80s Mod"

Except for those rocking eyelashes, none of these are nearly as bright or big as I remember. No matter how much today's fashion is trying its '80s nod, you just can't go back.

Especially when they had Lynda Carter. Wet!

[source 1|image 1|image 2|image 3|image 4|source 2]

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