NPR Asks For Your Top Albums of 2010

You know the year is officially over when every music blogger worth the contents of his iPod starts churning out year-ending best-ofs. NPR's All Songs Considered Blog is no exception. They've already gotten over 500 comments worth of suggestions.

I've been "aged out" of the kind of indie rock played on college radio for more than a few years now, but I'm happy to see Deerhunter's Halcyon Digest getting a lot of attention. I love how this band borrows equally from fuzzy, '90s indie and British "shoegazer" bands like My Bloody Valentine:

Two more albums I really liked this year that kind of surprised me were Robyn's Body Talk Pt.1 and Scissor Sisters' Night Work. I am not usually a fan of dance pop, but both sucked me in. And after several decades of listening to sad boys with acoustic guitars, I probably needed a jolt:

So what are your top records of 2010?

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