SmackTalk: David Hasselhoff's The Hasselhoffs

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the promo for David Hasselhoff's upcoming A&E reality TV show, The Hasselhoffs. Hope ya love it!

Jenny: I'm glad I wasn't in San Diego at 12:30.


Daddy Geek Boy: Having bore witness to this event, I feel it my duty to expose a few of the myths of this clip.

Jenny: Hoff-head on stick. Keep it classy, San Diego!

A Vapid Blonde: Hoff-head on a stick, it's like a corn dog but not as tasty. This is getting ugly already.

Dufmanno: Germans love David Hasselhoff. I had to get that in there.

Daddy Geek Boy: They closed down the street for this. Twice.

Dufmanno: Baywatch Babes and Dudes doing the "robot" to the "Knight Rider" theme is pure genius. This is increasing exponentially in the awesome category.

A Vapid Blonde: Young Hollywood wannabees will do anything. ANYTHING. I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit.

Daddy Geek Boy: Amazingly, those Baywatch guys happened to be walking by. They're not a part of this promotion.

Chag: It's Rex Manning Day!

Dufmanno: Is the name of this song "Jump in my Car?" Are those Octoberfest maidens? So much is happening!

A Vapid Blonde: His blazer wouldn't be made of wet baby seal pelts, now would it?

Chag: Dick Van Patten is not amused.

Daddy Geek Boy: This guy's reaction? Yeah, that was pretty much mine too.

Chag: Ok. What's up with the pirate motorcycle gang?

Archphoenix: Oh my God it's a live performance medley of all of Hoff's greatest YouTube videos. "Jump in My Car" and "Hooked On A Feeling" - best performance EVER!

A Vapid Blonde: Butt crack.

A Vapid Blonde: Motorboat.

Jenny: No. I'll take THAT young fella. Yum.

Dufmanno: I keep getting hit with so much visually I'm having trouble climbing out from underneath the onslaught. This is the musical feel good public extravaganza of the year. Look at his enthusiasm with not one hint of snark!

Jenny: You are NOT high on a feelin'. Bull crap, Hoff.

Daddy Geek Boy: Seriously, a few blocks away the car from Green Hornet was getting more attention.

Jenny: OH MY GOSH. He really thinks people are in love with him! He IS high!

A Vapid Blonde: Shouldn't he be rolling around shirtless on a shag carpet eating a cheeseburger? That's the Hoff I love.

Chag: "Get Hoffed" was always one of my favorite Prince songs.

Archphoenix: Damn, no "Secret Agent Man" or "Don't Hassel the Hoff?" WEAK.

Dufmanno: I'm so getting Hoffed. And by the way don't pretend that you didn't LOVE this!

Chag: I'm getting Hoffed too! I can't wait until his city tour bus service comes to my town!

Archphoenix: Chag, I'd pay for that bus ride.

Daddy Geek Boy: Believe it or not, this was not the strangest thing I saw at Comic Con.

Jenny: You know what's sad? I really want to watch the trainwreck. Badly.

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