We're Going To The Wild, Wild West

Back when I was a kid I watched a lot of re-runs from shows from the '60s. One that I always thought was weird was Wild Wild West. It was a weird hybrid between a Western and James Bond. I guess nowadays we might call it Steampunk. Anyway, I kinda liked it because I thought Artemis Gordon's costumes and gadgets were hilariously fun. Then in the late 1990s it was remade into a fairly awful movie starring Will Smith, Kenneth Branaugh, Kevin Kline, and Salma Hayek. Totally weird. But hey, you saw Salma's cute naked butt so that's not all bad, right?

Well this week I read that CBS is looking to remake the series. And I rolled my eyes till I saw who was involved - Ron Moore and Naren Shankar. Ron Moore was the guy responsible for the most excellent Battlestar Galactica reboot. And Naren Shankar is one of the original dudes responsible for the creation of CSI, which originally didn't suck. And from what I hear, CBS' current Hawaii 5-0 reboot is pretty decent, so maybe this will be kind of interesting? Any other Wild Wild West watchers out there?

Ok, I'll be honest, I mostly just wanted to sneak the completely unrelated but identically titled Escape Club song and video into a post. You're welcome.


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