The Culture Brats Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashonista

On day two of our gift giving guide, the Culture Brats give you fashion tips!

Item: I Love the '80s Golden Girls Earrings

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: This takes a lot of awesome components of the 80s and puts it all together. Bold color? Check. The awesome Golden Girls? Check. 80s pins? Check. Big earrings? Check. Check this Etsy shop for other awesome earrings. I kinda love the Doctor Who earrings among other things.

Who It's For: Archphoenix. Anyone who wants to be Dorothy when she grows up.

Item: Karate Kid Cobra-Kai T-Shirt

Where to Buy:

Description: Cobra Kai do or die! This site has all kinds of awesome 80s shirts. Check it out. Fair warning: you can easily go broke there.

Who It's For: Fans of Johnny.

Item: Cassette Tape Silver Earrings

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: Rock it old school with these retro inspired earrings.

Who It's For: Anyone who ever made a mix tape off the radio.

Item: GI Joe Inspired Shirt

Where to Buy: Nerduo

Description: Every GI Joe fan is aware that knowing is half the battle. Ever wonder what the other half is? Now you know.

Who It's For: GI Joe fans, fans of lasers

Item: Smurf T-Shirt

Where to Buy: NBC Universal

Description: The Smurfs are so in right now, thanks to the upcoming film starring Neil Patrick Harris. They were never lame in our book though. Poke around the NBC website - they have several great designs.

Who It's For: Nerds. Smurf Fans. So basically anyone who reads Culture Brats.

Item: TwittMitts (or Twittens for you European folks)

Where to Buy: (US); Twittens for outside the US

Description: Truly functional mittens that let you tweet while staying warm.

Who It's For: For those who can't live without social networking, even in frigid conditions.

Item: Save the Whale T

Where to Buy: Paste

Description: T-shirts, just like they say in the valley.

Who It's For: For the environmentalist who never left the 80s or the ironic smartass.

Item: Spirit Fingerz

Where to Buy: Spirit Fanatic

Description: Pom-pom tipped mittens for that extra special sense of spirit. Why shouldn't you stay warm at the game?

Who It's For: Perfect for the former "washed-up" cheerleader of the 80s. Or current cheerleaders in the prime of life.

Item: Thundercats T-shirt

Where to Buy: Stylin Online

Description: Thundercats ho! Show your 80s pride with this t-shirt. Stylin has tons of 80s themed apparel and accessories. Check it out.

Who It's For: Archphoenix. Anyone wanting to rep their 80s 'toons.

Item: Glass Tile Pendant

Where to Buy: The Imagination Emporium

Description: The charm you didn't know you couldn't live without.

Who It's For: For that special underdog in your life

Item: Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Mens Wristwatch

Where to Buy: Gemnation

Description: A must have for the watch fanatic in your life would be this. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And if you can afford this watch as a gift you need to adopt me so I can buy it for my husband. I like to cook and wear glitter so you will eat well and have sparkly things to look at all the time.

Who It's For: Bruce Wayne. A Vapid Blonde.

Item: Sparkling Leather Cuffs

Where to Buy: Liz Olney

Description: Oooh sparkles! Like I said I like to wear glitter and that's not just in the powdery form that I put on my eyes but also in the form of jewelry. While diamonds are my favorite sparkly stone I think I may have blown my wad on that watch, so to appease my girly glitter side I absolutely adore these leather and Swarovski crystal cuffs, made by a really wonderful woman who is like family to me, Auntie Liz is a leather wiz! And she won't break your bank.

Who It's For: Girls who like sparklies. A Vapid Blonde.

Item: Corvette ZR1

Where to Buy: Chevrolet

Description: My last must have this holiday season would be the perfect ride to get you where you need to go in style. If you are sporting a flashy watch and a decent amount of sparkle the car must match your mojo. To compliment your high stylin' vibe I highly recommend a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. No doubt, the most pimpin', bad ass, sexy, American muscle car there is, hands down. With an added bonus of fast! Faster than your high school prom date after a few "sex on the beach" cocktails. If you are like me and are always running late this will have you arriving 30 minutes before you even leave.

Who It's For: Guys who want to get the ladies... places. A Vapid Blonde.

Item: Vintage '80s Sweater

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: This is the real thing - an actual sweater from the '80s. Confession: I owned something VERY similar to this. What were we thinking?!? I mean really. If you're itching to rebuild that 80s wardrobe, search on Etsy - there's an awful lot of stuff to be found at pretty good prices.

Who It's For: Anyone wanting to relive the shame of their youth.

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