The Culture Brats Holiday Gift Guide: For Nostalgia's Sake

In our fourth and final edition of the holiday gift guide, we bring you gifts of nostalgia: books, movies, trinkets and the like that will make you say "yeah, the '80s WERE totally rad."

Item: The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: To celebrate the 25th anniversary this box set includes a cast commentary with the director and all seven actors, the Making of the Goonies documentary, the Cyndi Lauper "Goonies 'R Good Enough" video, outtakes, a new board game, storyboard reproductions, a 1985 souvenir magazine reprint, and a reprint of the 2009 Empire magazine article with cast photos and updates.

Who It's For: Kids and the young and heart.

Item: Pac-Man, the mini-stapler

Where to Buy: Vat19

Description: This adorable little stapler takes the form of your old ghost and pellet munching pal.

Who It's For: Organized geeks

Item: Pin the Moustache on Hall & Oats Game

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: It's like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but much, much funnier.

Who It's For: Anyone who likes to throw a good party.

Item: Back to the Future Trilogy Blu-Ray + Digital Copy

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: Remastered for Blu-Ray, this trilogy is still outstanding. The first film is just classic family fun and still holds up 25 years later.

Who It's For: Everyone. This movie is awesome.

Item: Scene It '80s

Where to Buy:

Description: The description on the website mentions clips from Fraggle Rock. I'm sold. Basically it's a trivia game with video clips - test your 80s knowledge!

Who It's For: Competitive Know-It All Brats.

Item: Just Can't Get Enough: Toys, Games, and Other Stuff from the 80s that Rocked by Matthew Robinson

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: A nostalgic look at all those toys from the 80s you had or wished you had, from He-Man to Lite Brites.

Who It's For: Those who want to relive their childhood vicariously.

Item: Donky Kong Jenga

Where to Buy: Vat19

Description: This mixes two awesome things - Donkey Kong and the game of Jenga. You actually have to move a little Mario up the ramps. Sweet!

Who It's For: Archphoenix (seriously, I want), Jenga fans

Item: You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation by Susannah Gora

Where to Buy: BratPackBook

Description: The making behind and impact of all those great 80s teen movies.

Who It's For: Anyone who loves John Hughes movies

Item: Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Complete Collection

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: All the seasons of the Golden Girls, with a bunch of commentary/special tracks and a set of playing cards in Sophia's purse. Adorable.

Who It's For: Sassy old ladies. Archphoenix.

Item: Altered Antique Plates

Where to Buy: Beat Up Creations

Description: If you're a fan of antique plates or pop culture icons you can celebrate them both with these nifty plates dressed up with a variety of images, such as Mr. T or Chunk from the Goonies.

Who It's For: For the lover of fine ceramics and classic decor.

Item: The Black Cauldron 25th Anniversary DVD

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: This Disney animated film is based on some books by Lloyd Alexander. It tells the story of a young assistant pig herder, Taran, his pig, Hen Wen (who sees the future), feisty Princess Eilonwy, and a minstrel named Fflewddur Fflam. They are in a struggle against the evil Horned King. Man I dug this flick as a kid. The colors are bright, the story is fun, and it's just dark enough to not be super scary. I can't wait to see a restored version of the film.

Who It's For: Archphoenix. Kids who like adventure tales. Parents who remember this odd Disney film.

Item: Breakfast Club Print

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: One artist's very nicely done homage to a favorite movie

Who It's For: You know who you are

Item: Icon Necklaces

Where to Buy: Trailer Trash Trinkets

Description: Commemorative necklaces featuring a variety of pop culture icons, from Lost Boys to Skeletor.

Who It's For: Those who like their jewelry on the quirky side.

Item: Mr. T Van Bobblehead

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: A twist on the classic Mr. T bobblehead, this is sure to dress up any desk or shelf with some A Team fabulousness.

Who It's For: Not fools, that's for sure.

Item: You Know If You Grew Up In the '80s Magnet

Where to Buy: CafePress

Description: A fun little list of '8s-isms. I'm pretty sure I can answer "did that" to all of them.

Who It's For: Anyone reading Culture Brats.

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