The Culture Brats Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Geeks

Not sure what to get that special someone in your life this holiday? No sweat, the Culture Brats have got you covered. Come back every day this week for different ideas for your friends and family.

Today we bring you gifts for geeks. We are geeks. We love geeks. We love to shop for geeks. Here are some ideas for the geeks in your life.

Item: Cassette Tape 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Where to Buy: VAT 19

Description: Give your workspace a bit of '80s flavor with this USB hub. Totally practical and yet totally radical.

Who It's For: The '80s cubical worker in all of us.

Item: Battlestar Galactica Propaganda Posters

Where to Buy: NBC Universal

Description: This 5 poster set of "retro" propaganda posters will motivate you to mobilize to defeat the Cylons! So say we all!

Who It's For: The BSG Geek in your life.

Item: Atari Flashback 2

Where to Buy: Amazon

Description: Miss that old woodgrained 8-bit system? Well now you can reproduce that feeling with the Atari Flashback 2. It comes with 2 controllers and is preloaded with more than 30 classic Atari games. Excellent!

Who It's For: Anyone nostalgic for Millipede

Item: Star Wars Pancake Molds

Where to Buy: Williams-Sonoma

Description: You know the '80s are back in a big way when upscale kitchen retailer Williams-Sonoma is getting its geek on. Indoctrinate the kids early with these adorable Star Wars pancake molds. There are also vehicle molds and a cute Star Wars apron.

Who It's For: Star Wars fans. My husband.

Item Atari Wall Decals

Where to Buy: ThinkGeek

Description: Longing for some old world charm in your basement game room? Look no further. These vinyl wall stickers come in three styles: Pong, Centipede, and Asteroids.

Who It's For: Gamers stuck in the '80s

Item: Geeky Videogame Inspired Soaps

Where to Buy: Geeksoap

Description: Soap shaped as 8-bit cartridge games? Check. Soaps with cthulu on it? Check. World of Warcraft themed soaps? Check. Get on it!

Who It's For: Anyone currently addicted to WOW: Cataclysm (they could probably stand to shower right about now anyway.)

Item: Super Mario Bros. Bob-omb knit toy

Where to Buy: Etsy

Description: Your favorite video game characters brought to life in cushy hand knit.

Who It's For: The video game nerd in your life

Item: Serenity: The Big Damn Replica

Where to Buy: Entertainment Earth

Description: This model is billed as a "studio scale replica." Of course, there was no studio model (other than a digital one, that is), but that doesn't make this scale model of Serenity from the all-too-brief Firefly series (and the movie Serenity) any less awesome. The amount of detail on this ship is amazing--truly a stellar piece of model-making. It also has all manner of lighting effects that bring its level of awesomeness even higher.

Yeah, the price ($2400--that's over $100 an inch!) is insane. But, gorram it! Sometimes you just have to throw fiscal caution to the wind and buy something nice to sit on your shelf. Your really high shelf. Where no kids or dogs or cats will ever be able to touch it.

Who It's For: Perfect for any fan of Firefly. Trust me. Give me one this Christmas and I'll be your friend forever.

Item: Pre-Owned DeLorean

Where to Buy: DeLorean.Com

Description: The site lists for you to buy a pre-owned Back to the Future Machine.

Who It's For: People who wanna be like Michael J. Fox

Item: Retro Videogame Propaganda Posters

Where to Buy: ThinkGeek

Description: War means sacrifice, and victory requires inspiration: whether you want to jump barrels to save the princess, nudge that frog across the freeway, or de-rezz the Master Control Program, sometimes you need more than a deft joystick hand and a pocketful of quarters to get the job done. Every geek needs a little extra motivation on the road to victory, and these retro prints should do the offers this set of five lush, vintage prints that will help your noble nerd triumph in five epic wars: Donkey Kong, Frogger, Joust, Dig Dug and Tron. Full set of 5 posters: $49.99. Victory is just a few hops away!

Who It's For: For the nostalgic video game junkie

Item: Star Wars Inspired Swimsuits

Where to Buy: Black Milk Clothing

Description: This is the droid you've been looking for. Choose from a C-3PO suit and an R2-D2 suit.

Who It's For: Big, big Star Wars fans. Like scary huge fans.

Item: Air Hogs Tron RC Lightcycle

Where to Buy:

Description: It's a remote controlled car that climbs up walls. You have to read the Wiredarticle about it. It's totally awesome.

Who It's For: Archphoenix. People who like awesome toys.

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