SmackTalk Victim: The Darkness, "Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the most awesome video for "Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)." Hope ya love it!

Daddy Geek Boy: Anyone else expecting a few bats to fly through this shot?

Jenny On the Spot: Nice pants.

Dufmanno: I am already in love with this.

Didactic Pirate: My grandma gave me pair of white and gold striped pants just like those last Christmas. I wear them all the time.

Chag: This looks like my family's Christmas card.

Jenny On the Spot: Nice… vest?


Chag: A double-necked guitar? Someone was a good boy this year!

Daddy Geek Boy: Aw man, I wanted the one with three frets!

Dufmanno: Are those tears streaming down his face or has his sparkle eyeshadow started to run?

Didactic Pirate: This would be glamtastic even without the glitter under the eyes.

Jenny On the Spot: That's weird. That would freak me out if one of my ornaments did that.

Dufmanno: He misses that lady in the ball. I think.

Chag: The holidays always bring friends closer together.

Daddy Geek Boy: Whatever you boys need to do to keep warm. I just don’t know how he's going to explain this to the girl in the ball.

A Vapid Blonde: There is the cabin. In the Woods. And dueling guitars. It's like the creepy version of Deliverance.

Chag: Wait. I thought Deliverance WAS the creepy version of Deliveranace.

Jenny On the Spot: Not hot.

Daddy Geek Boy: Just what is he doing under that sack?

Didactic Pirate: Someone gets a thong, and someone else gets a robot. Weirdest Secret Santa ever.

Chag: I hope I get a gun that shoots laser tampons for Christmas.

Daddy Geek Boy: Maybe it's the geek in me, but I’d be way more excited about getting robots and laser guns than these guys.

Dufmanno: When robots appear, things start to go downhill.

Didactic Pirate: Gah! Singing robot climbing on shoulder! Get it off! Off! Off!

Jenny On the Spot: That outfit? Made out of wrong.

Dufmanno: Wow. White lace up side leather pants. I’ve not seen a pair of those in A WHILE . They are still unappealing.

Daddy Geek Boy: If I were those kids' parents, I would not let them carol at the Darkness house.

Didactic Pirate: Part of me thinks this freakin' rocks, while another part of me wants to call Child Protective Services.

Jenny On the Spot: My 8 y.o. is watching with me. She asked, "Is that a boy?" and my 5 y.o. says, "he looks like a girl."

Didactic Pirate: Remember Flash Gordon? If I close my eyes, I'd swear this is the music playing when Flash battled the Hawkmen.

Jenny On the Spot: 11 y.o. son says, "Did they TRY to make him look like a girl?" 5 y.o. daughter added, "And he SINGS like a girl."

Dufmanno: He likes kids. This and the Christmas sweater he’s wearing takes him up a notch in my book.


Daddy Geek Boy: The girl’s been in the car by herself, out in the cold this whole time?

Didactic Pirate: And to all a good--- wait! It wasn't over! UFO! Sweet!

Dufmanno: Why? It didn't need the spaceship.

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