This Year I Was Thankful For Qubo

We spent Thanksgiving in Chicago this year, which was fun and family filled (and food filled - ow). And while that was nice and all, what was most exciting about this trip was my discovery of something totally awesome. There's a Chicago channel, Qubo, that's a network for kids. And at night, at around midnight, as we were flipping channels we discovered something called Qubo Night Owl. In this overnight block they air classic Filmation cartoons. He-Man, She-Ra, Brave Starr, and Ghostbusters (not the Bill Murray one, the other one).

Now, if you're not a super geek like me, you probably don't recognize those last two toons. I'd totally forgotten that they existed until I saw them and then ran to the internet to do some digging.

Brave Starr is a Western in space. Marshall Brave Starr is a native American who lives on the planet New Texas with his friends and enemies. He has native spirit powers (Eyes of the Hawk and so on) and has a sidekick, a talking "techno horse" named Thirty Thirty, who can transform from horse to talking two-legger. And Wikipedia says that his character is based on David Lee Roth. Their chief adversary is the totally awesome Tex Hex.

How awesome does that guy look? Anyway, there was a strong moral theme through every Brave Starr episode.

The other show, Ghostbusters, I only watched a few times, because it seemed like a rip-off to me at the time. (No Slimer? I'm out.) I did some digging on Wikipedia and here's what I learned. It's actually based on an old short-lived live-action TV show from the 1970s. The Bill Murray film had to get rights to the name and after it became a hit, Filmation released the cartoon. It follows some kids, Jake and Eddie, and their pet gorilla Tracy as they fight the nefarious evil ghost wizard Prime Evil and his deep cast of ghostly henchmen. It's weird.

So I hit up the Qubo website to see what its deal is: it's a national station but it's not carried in all markets. For example, I can get it in my area on AT&T U-Verse but not on Comcast. You can check your zip code and carrier on their website.

I got my She-Ra on a few nights in a row and LOVED it. Thanks, Qubo for letting me have a sparkletastic Thanksgiving! (And I'd forgotten how ridiculous Bo's outfit is.)

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