Hollywood Is Just Getting Ridiculous 3: The Revenge

It seems the people running Hollywood these days spent a lot of time pumping quarters into arcades in the 80s. On the heels of yesterday's news about a movie based on a certain trackball arcade game in the works, comes today's earth-shattering announcement that the most famous 8-bit icon of the first video game era has a project in development.

Pac-Man is on his way to our TV screens--in a reality show!

The show will follow the yellow, pellet-eating dude and his feminist wife, Mrs. Pac-Man, as they try to rebound their careers in the modern age.

Actually, details of the show are limited, but it seems that Pac-Man: The Series might be some sort of Wipeout-inspired game show. Which still doesn't quite tell us much.

What it does mean is that Hollywood has not yet tapped the mine of our childhood memories for ideas.


Editor's Note: I think the only way this series has any chance for survival is if SHE is involved. --Chag

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