The Link Between Burlesque And The '80s

Today, Culture Brats is introducing a new feature: No Way! Basically, this feature will be fun little tidbits and trivia facts for you to astound your friends with.

Today's fun fact is this: the writer/director of the recent Golden Globes and Razzie-nominated movie musical, Burlesque, is... a Goonie! Well kinda.

Steve Antin, the writer/director of Burlesque played Troy Perkins, the hot varsity-jacket-wearing guy macking it to Andie, with one of my favorite lines in the film: "Andie, you Goonie!"

He also played Jessie in Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" video.

This is Troy today, at a Burlesque premiere:

Goonies never die! They just hang out with divas.

[image 1|image 2]

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