SmackTalk Victim: Avril Lavigne, "What The Hell"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell." Hope ya love it!

Chris: For a rebel, Avril sure does keep her shoes neat and tidy.

A Vapid Blonde: If I go to bed with that much make up on, I wake up looking like Crack Whore Barbie. That's not fair.

Archphoenix: I totally wake up after a hot date with my lip gloss and eye makeup immaculate.

The Weirdgirl: I'd like to dispel a myth, NO ONE sleeps in black lace bras. They itch.

Archphoenix: I think we should count the ads in this video. Sony Vaio laptop and Sony TV.

Archphoenix: Is Avril even old enough to be getting out of bed in skimpy panties? This is kind of skeevy.

Chris: Is this a perfume commercial?

Archphoenix: Chris, I bet ya $10 that's perfume in Avril's makeup line.

A Vapid Blonde: Number 1 rule to being a bad ass: perfume.

The Weirdgirl: I always put on perfume first thing in the morning. Instead of, say, brushing my teeth.

Didactic Pirate: Cab stealing. Avril, you bad ass.

The Weirdgirl: Look, it's Patty Punker! Oh no, wait, it's Perky Poser.

Archphoenix: All your life you've been good? Isn't being a bad girl junior rebel your thing, Avril?

Didactic Pirate: Look at how she has no regard for the rules of the road. It's like she's Thelma and Louise's little mascot. Adorable.

Chris: I didn't realize her boyfriend was Lance Armstrong.

The Weirdgirl: Oh Avril, you badass. Next are you gonna nudge a shopping cart into a grandma? How about you cushion the next car with some pillows first?

Chris: I've seen a porno that started out just like this.

A Vapid Blonde: Really? You're just going to grope some random guy playing basketball? Slut pants!

Chris: I had no idea that going "a little crazy" meant dancing around a thrift shop. REBEL!

The Weirdgirl: You're right, Chris. She's putting my bank robbery plans to shame.

The Weirdgirl: Ugh, the cutesy is giving me a stomach ache.

Didactic Pirate: Why is she out shopping right now? Shouldn't she be in 4th period Algebra?

Chris: Abbey Dawn: For all your faux punk fashion needs.

Archphoenix: Abbey Dawn is Avril's own clothing line. I know this because I saw it at KOHL's, which is totally punk rock, people!

Archphoenix: Hey, dude! That shopkeeper lady made you pay because she thought you were Avril's dad. I'm just sayin'.

Chris: REBEL!

Didactic Pirate: Sorry, but every time I see this girl, I keep thinking about how Joan Jett and Lita Ford would eat her for breakfast.

A Vapid Blonde: She just grabbed his junk! You can tell by the look on his face.

Chris: All joking aside, I love Avril and this song. SHUT UP!

Didactic Pirate: Oh, fine. I admit it. I agree with you, Chris. I like this song too.

Archphoenix: Chris, I kinda do too. She's like baby wannabe Pink.

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