Austin Rocks!

How awesome is Austin, Texas? It's so awesome that when its Solid Waste Services Department decided to get a new name, it took to the Internet to ask its users for suggestions.

Big mistake!
Here are some of the more humorous entries I could find:
  • Taco Bell (4 votes)
  • Accepts Unwanted Stuff That Isn't Needed (AUSTIN) (4 votes)
  • Zombie Disposal Services (4 votes)
  • Junk In The Trunk (4 votes)
  • SXSW (South By Solid Waste) (9 votes)
  • Austin Department Number Two (11 votes)
  • All of your solid waste are belong to us. (11 votes)
  • Texas A&M Dept. Of Food Services (15 votes)
  • 2 Girls 1 Treatment Plant (26 votes)
  • The Derek Zoolander Institute For Kids That Can't Recycle Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too (37 votes)
  • FLOATER = The Dept. Of Filth, Litter, Outreach (169 votes)
  • Austin Dept. Of Are You Gonna Eat That? (223 votes)
  • Longhorn Alumni Society (1,207 votes)
  • Department Of Neat And Clean (2,001 votes)
But the name that has received the most votes? The name that has received 26,000 more votes than its nearest competitor? The name that may have received more votes than all other entries combined?

Fred Durst Society Of The Humanities And Arts (28,055 votes)

I love you, Austin!

For this week's Your Say Hump Day, let us know what you would rename the Austin Solid Waste Services Department. ( has received 3 votes thus far. Only 28,052 to go!)


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