Captain EO

Speaking of musicians turned actors, in the late 1980s there was a Disney attraction called Captain EO. It was a short film starring Michael Jackson and Anjelica Huston and it was filmed in "4-D." 4-D is 3-d (not the red/blue kind) plus lasers and fog and stuff timed to the film to make it more audience interactive. It was fairly groundbreaking and was the most expensive film made if you figured out the cost per minute of the short film (Wikipedia says it was $1.7 million per minute).

I remember seeing it at Epcot with my family as a kid and was blown away - I was a Michael fan but the technology was pretty slick for the time.

But did you know that George Lucas produced it? And that Francis Ford Coppola directed it? And that James Horner wrote the orchestral score for it? That's some serious pedigree for a short Disney parks film.

It was resurrected last year at the Disney parks (without the laser show I hear) because of the passing of Michael so if you missed it in the '80s you can still catch it.

Here's a brief clip of one of the two music numbers for your enjoyment. That borg looking babe is Anjelica Huston.

Anyone else catch this show back in the day?

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