Fashion Taking Flight... Right Out Of Its Head

Feathers have been on the rise in fashion, and with Fashion Week coming up (Fashion Week!), all rumors are pointing to the trend continuing. Now I love a good feathery accessory: a flapperesque hair band or a feathered fringe on a dress? SO CUTE! But I lean towards less is more when it comes to having Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder, or collar, or derriere. And since this column has never been about restraint, let's take a look at some birds in the bush!

First off is not just a little feather flirtation... we've got the whole bird. The rarely seen Brown Crested Waif in her natural habitat:

Red Bull gives you wings:

Feathers are great for figure-flattering a small chest! Whether you use them to add volume, detract with a jungle print (it's camouflage!), or by placing strategic wisps and then just not wearing a bra, you're sure to avoid A-cup cattiness.

The new "birds of prey" power tie. Start your board room intimidation... NOW!

Does anyone else see a strange Valentine's fetish at work here?

Finally! The Snuggie's gone high-end!

And of course, the classic jean/feather/crystal combo. I swear, I can wear mine anywhere!

[image 1|image 2|image 3|image 4|image 5|image 6|photo 7]

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